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Engineering, Control System Integration, and Specialty Contracting for Renewable Energy and Complex Power Systems

Newtility, LLC is an engineering and specialty contracting company located in Brunswick, Maine focused on renewable energy, power generation, and control systems. Specifically, we provide Electrical Engineering, Systems Integration, equipment procurement, and specialty contracting services for renewable and clean power generation projects (wind, hydro, waste-to-energy, cogeneration, solar, energy storage), substation automation, and industrial automation projects. We excel at finding solid solutions to challenging projects, and have years of real-world experience involving unusually complex automation, mixed energy sources, microgrid/islanding facilities, and similarly unusual projects.

We also understand that once a construction project ends, in many ways, the work is just beginning. Running a power generation facility of any sort, whether producing heat and electricity from waste or manufacturing widgets from raw materials, can be a constant battle with time: normal operation and maintenance, handling equipment failures, all while simultaneously keeping up with personnel, permitting, and reporting. We can help!

Newtility’s Services

Renewable Energy

Electrical Engineering and Project Design

Grid Interaction & Microgrid Controls

System Design

Upgrades & Modernization

Industrial Automation & PLC Programming

Cogeneration, Biogas,
& Waste-to-Energy

Networking, Security, & Telecommunications

Business Intelligence Systems

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